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3D Printer Part 4: Adapting Y-axis

I had some time last Sunday to start adapting the Y-axis on the 3D printer project.

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3D Printer Part 3: Attaching stepper motors

In this post I attempt to describe how I attach the stepper motors on the X and Y axis, and how I’ve started mounting the lead screw for the X-axis.

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3D Printer Part 2: The starting point


Building a 3D Printer from a microscope – Part 1

Simple extruder

I’ve jumped on the 3D printer wave, intending to build my own RepRap inspired 3D printer. I’ve found an old microscope platform to customize. This platform has an XY-table and a precise Z axis. I wanted to spend time building my own 3d printer, but not all of my time. I wanted to get better …

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