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Circle of lights

I wanted my own LED strip that I could shape however I wanted, so I had to create my own. It would have been a lot easier to just purchase the ready-made light strip, but this one can be altered for the LEDs to point in any direction and stay that way.

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Playing with a color sensor

I’ve spent a day playing with the¬†TCS3200 color sensor from TAOS (now ams AG). I’ve connected it to an Arduino and sent the color over the serial port to an application written in Processing. The application outputs the color found by drawing a square.

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Electronic Sheep

The electronic sheep is a plastic sheep fitted with a rgb-led inside. It can show colors in various patterns, and the electronics also supports adding a servo motor for moving the head. I will describe the works and making of the electronics and code. This is a good beginners project for using an Atmel microcontroller.

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